Custom, Unique Strategies Implemented Using Tomorrow's Tactics

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InGe, Inc. provides a variety of technical and creative consulting that are customized to meet your needs.  InGe, Inc. can work consulting engagements either in association with your staff or independently.

InGe, Inc. also provides marketing, creative, PR and production services.  Whether you need to promote an event, shoot a commercial, an editor for an employee handbook, press release, mobile application or a brand new website, InGe, Inc.'s creative department can tailor and deliver to meet your exact needs on time and under budget.

Project Management

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InGe, Inc. can provide experienced project managers for your project needs. Managers who have the necessary technology background and management experience necessary for a successful delivery of your project.  

InGe, Inc. managers are especially adept at customer communications and will always work to bring a high degree of visibility to the activities and progress of the development group. 

InGe, Inc.'s mission is YOUR success!


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